House of Diamonds (HOD) provides disadvantaged women in Indonesia the opportunity to rise above their circumstances through meaningful employment as textile-artists, offering the freedom to work in a safe, loving environment for good wages.

The founders of House of Diamonds, Ida & Lila, are creative entrepreneurs who are passionate about empowering marginalized women in their community. They know first-hand the life of stitching in a sweatshop. Like tens of thousands of other Indonesian women, they have experienced the abuse and mistreatment and have been forced to work 13 hour days with unrealistic production quotas … day-in, day-out.

Ida & Lila have a dream to lead other women out of positions of strife to places of hope through providing dignified jobs. They want to see women gain skills that will help them support themselves and their families.

House of Diamonds was born from this dream.

You can be part of the HoD story and help women support themselves through ethical employment. You can see more of the HoD story at or read more about the artisans at