Masters Handicrafts has a passion to develop high quality, sustainable, and stunning handicrafts created by artisans of Kyrgyzstan. This artisan group holds tightly to fair trade principles of paying fair prices, promoting safe work environments, and providing community development and enrichment for marginalized artisans in their area.

These unique products from Central Asia come from families that design and create products inspired by their local traditions. Many of the Kygyz products use felted wool that was traditionally used by the nomadic tribes to cover their yurts (portable, tent-like homes) and to make rugs, hats, and slippers for warmth. The traditional Dungan products are made with needle and thread or yarn. These too were used for warmth through layers and were primarily crocheted or knitted into hats, scarves, and socks. Today, Masters Handicrafts helps guide the creation of Home Accessories, Jewelry, Ornaments, Dolls, and Cards through these traditional methods.

Historically, artisans in Kyrgyzstan made these products for their family and the income-generating projects have only developed in recent years. The high amount of unemployment and economic hardship in the country have forced the creation of new ventures in micro enterprise and in some areas families or communities are coming together to sell their products commercially. Making these products in their home allows these artisan women to be financial stable and educate their children without breaking down the family structure.