The Tabby’s project, established in March 2013 in central India, seeks to benefit women infected with HIV/AIDS by offering job training and employment. Due to social stigmas and misunderstanding of how HIV is transmitted, people in India with HIV are often rejected by their families and communities. Tabby’s offers dignity and hope to women who have been rejected and alienated because of their medical condition.

Tabitha was a woman who invested her life serving widows and those in need around her. She took love, truth, and compassion to those in need. Following her example, and her name, Tabby’s desire is that women throughout India will be encouraged and empowered.

By promoting vocational training, a safe working environment, and a sense of community, Tabby’s provides a unique opportunity for women to find hope as they earn an income and provide for their families.

Tabby’s products are made from re-purposed silk Sari fabric which is cut into strips and skillfully patched together to create beautiful purses, stuffed animals, and more.  A Sari is the traditional dress for women in the region, and is worn by wrapping a long cloth around the waist then draping the uniquely embroidered and stitched edge of the fabric around the shoulder.