With all of our Latitudes products we desire to come along side people in isolated and marginalized areas and help create environments for positive change and growth. Coffee is no different, but it takes on a different form of partnership than teaching skills or starting trades that have more product flexibility. Because of the complexity and competition of the coffee market we have partnered with a group of people that desire to see the creation of a legacy: a sustainable model of farming and production that can be handed down to future generations where the end result is a class “A” coffee. This type of project requires work from the ground up, literally.

Fair Trade means that the producers are paid a good wage for their work, but Direct Trade means they are paid a fair wage and there is a direct relationship established to impact a community. Direct Trade means there is work being done in agriculture, medical care, community development, and education. Our Direct Trade Coffee teams have years of experience with agricultural development, growing, harvesting, processing, and roasting coffee. They offer their expertise directly to the growers and work alongside them in partnership. There is also a supply chain that has been established to move the coffee beans to the US market and still maintain a competitive price in the market.

Coffee is currently harvested from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Uganda.