3Strands was created to provide an opportunity for young women in Cambodia who have been rescued from a horrific life of sex trafficking. The young women receive incredible care and counseling by Agape. If they cannot be returned home due to risk of being sold again by family, they move to the Agape Training Center to learn marketable skills and basic education. The training center also offers meals and childcare for the young women. One of the ATC income projects is weaving 3Strands bracelets. Each one is made by hand and signed by the young woman artisan. The young women are equipped to re-enter their community, this time as an asset.

The 3 strands of cord that make up the bracelets symbolize the freedom, love, and empowerment these young women experience with Agape. Every bracelet displays one red seed from the pods of Sandalwood trees. The scarlet seeds represent the beauty in each of the women who have been freed. One would never know that these gorgeous seeds come from tree pods which eventually dry up and fall to the ground, forgotten, and trampled. The pods are rescued from destruction and the seeds are used to symbolize the new life of the artisans.

Latitudes shares the vision of 3Strands to extend freedom, love, and empowerment to women around the world.

Through Latitudes, a tangible expression of love is powerfully worked out in the midst of our artisan teams. We are helping numerous groups around the world by providing leadership, support, and a place to distribute and market their handcrafted products. Presently there are multiple businesses in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East working with Latitudes.