The name “Latitudes” has a dual meaning or purpose…
Latitudes: 1) Represents the areas in the world where we buy unique products and
2) Extending freedom and opportunity through business, emphasizing fair wages and treating others with dignity and respect.

Most of the world is stuck in a cycle of poverty, corruption, and lack of education. Often, financial gain is offered only through questionable or illegal avenues which result in personal ruin and the collapse of community. Traditional skills and crafts are typically neglected, and often lost, because they are not viable enough to provide adequate income and long term sustainability.

 provides a genuine business outlet to artisans in isolated areas around the world. We desire to have a positive impact in their families and community through micro-business enterprises. We create and encourage an environment of support for the artisans that work in these businesses by giving them a larger market to sell their handmade products. In addition to buying their products we offer training in business management, help develop new products, and provide basic education for our workers and their families where we can. We want to value and encourage the artisans in a way that honors their culture and promotes ethical business practices. We emphasize fair wages and treat the artisans with dignity and respect. Our work provides a foundation for future generations to operate within a growing and changing global marketplace.

This Is Latitudes…

Artisan Spotlight from 3Strands in Cambodia: Leak’s story of Hope and Transformation.

Through Latitudes, a tangible expression of love is powerfully worked out in the midst of our artisan teams. We are helping numerous groups around the world by providing leadership, support, and a place to distribute and market their handcrafted products. Presently there are multiple businesses in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East working with Latitudes.